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Alma, Colorado

Highest Incorporated Town in North America

Building Department

The Town of Alma building department issues permits and verifies compliant construction for properties located within the Town Limits. For projects outside of Town Limits, please contact the Park County Building Department.

Plumbing and Electrical Permit: The Town of Alma now has certified inspectors for plumbing and electrical systems, the Town of Alma permits all work within the Town. State of Colorado (DORA) permits are no longer needed. Open permits with DORA will be inspected by DORA.


Please download the permit application and submit to the email address listed on the form.

Permit fees are calculated after submission of the application.

Effective June 1, 2023, the Town of Alma updated to the 2018 ICC codes series.

The Town does not issue separate plumbing, Electrical or Mechanical sub permits, only one project permit that includes those scopes of work.

Inspections can be requested by clicking here.

R905.1.2 Ice Barriers:

An ice dam protection that consists of an approved self-adhering modified bitumen sheet underlayment shall be used at all sloped roofs without a continuous membrane. This ice dam protection underlayment shall extend up the slope of the roof from the drip edge of the roof or eave and cover the entire roof deck surface. In new construction, ice dam protection shall extend a minimum 30 inches up walls adjacent to the roof surface.

The following data is information specific to Alma and is used for heating cooling load calculations.

Climatic Data

ROOF Snow Load o

Wind Design

Seismic Design Category

Subject to Damage

Speed (mph) d

Topographic effects k

Special wind region

Wind-borne debris zone m

Weathering a

Frost line depth b

Termite c

100 PSF

Ultimate 110, Nominal 90 Exp. C






44 inches

Slight to

Winter Design Temp e

Ice Barrier Under- layment Required

Flood Hazards

Air Freezing Index

Mean Annual Temp



See FIRM Maps


32 F

Manual J Design Criteria



Winter Heating

Summer Cooling

Altitude Correction Factor

Indoor Design Temperature

Design Temperature Cooling

Heating Temperature Difference

10,578 F

39.2876 N




70 F

75 F


Cooling Temperature Difference

Wind Velocity Heating

Wind Velocity Cooling

Coincide Wet Bulb

Daily Range

Winter Humidity

Summer Humidity


15 mph

7.5 mph


High (H)



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