Greetings Town of Alma Citizens! 

We are taking a stand on the COVID-19 virus mitigation efforts.

We gratefully recognize the many citizens and businesses implementing the safety protocols as directed by the CDC and our government bodies. Thank you!

Our mission; protect our community in the prevention of viral outbreak to the best of our ability by taking care of ourselves so that we can then be of further service to others, especially those who are at risk.

Effective immediately, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, all town meetings and events held in all town facilities are cancelled until further notice with the exception of the town council meeting this evening at 7pm, which will be held in the Town Hall parking lot. We plan to hold all future council meetings (during this self isolation period) online and on the phone. However, in order for us to do this, we must adopt an emergency ordinance to allow for virtual meetings. This is the reason we will hold a quick meeting outside of the Town Hall this evening.

The town staff will continue working to provide town services such as water, sewer, trash, and recycling. We do ask the public to not enter the town offices even though staff is available. You can reach the staff via email or phone. Please visit our CONTACT page for staff contact info. Town bills can be dropped off in the drop box located outside of the Town Hall building, mailed to PO Box 1050, or paid online at

We appreciate your understanding and support.



DENVER, March 16, 2020: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a public health order to close bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, and casinos to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, effective at 8:00 a.m. on March 17 for the duration of 30 days. The public health order will help the state slow and limit the spread of COVID-19 in Colorado communities.

“We understand the gravity of this public health order, and the disruption it will cause,” SAID JILL HUNSAKER RYAN, executive director, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “But we are weighing this disruption against the need to save lives. Based on the experience of other countries, the state of Washington, and modeling data, the sooner we begin social distancing measures on a large enough scale, the more quickly we can slow transmission of the virus, which translates into less people requiring hospitalization at the same time and more lives saved.”

Establishments may continue to offer food and beverage using delivery service, window service, walk-up service, drive-through service, or drive-up service, and must use precautions in doing so to mitigate the potential transmission of COVID-19, including social distancing.

Establishments may allow up to five members of the public at one time on the premises for the purpose of picking up their food or beverage
orders, so long as those individuals are at least six feet apart from one another.

In addition, the order does not apply to grocery stores, markets, convenience stores, pharmacies, drug stores, food pantries, room service
in hotels, health care facilities, residential care facilities, congregate care facilities, juvenile justice facilities, crisis shelters or similar institutions, airport concessionaires, and any emergency facilities necessary for the response to these events.

Possible enforcement actions include fines or the possibility of filing an action in court. The main goal of all public health orders is compliance to protect the health and well-being of all Coloradans.

Continue to stay up to date by visiting:

COVID-19 MEDIA LINE: 303-900-2849 (Please leave a message)